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Look, I know this might be a bit of a long shot… but are any of you guys going to PAX AUS this year?

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Sorry I haven’t uploaded anything in a while- I’ve been working on a project that’s been keeping me busy.

Here’s a super spoilerific sneak peak

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See, this is why we can’t have nice things.

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Do you really have a threaded eyebrow?
Anonymous asked

Kinda sorta maybe?

I used to have a gap in my eyebrow (whose origin is a mystery even to me), but over the years it’s sort of grown over for the most part. The only reason I keep it in my drawings is so that I’m more than just ‘brown haired white dude.’ It’s all about appearances, yo. 

Fun trivia fact: My IRL eyebrow gap is on the opposite side of my face than it appears in my drawings. This is because I’m dumb and don’t understand how mirrors work.

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In your sketchbook that you took on your spectalucar adventure filled with many perils and much romance, who're those two dashing young men that feature in your marvelous sketches?
Anonymous asked

What, these rad dudes? They were just some guys who were on the ‘spectacular adventure’ with me.

I ‘aint gonna tell you their real names, of course (don’t want ‘em to be tracked down and murdered, after all). Let’s just call them ‘Hella Z’ and ‘Game Face’

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why do you do this
randomface10 asked

Because I can

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Everyone should go follow randomface10. He’s new in town and could use a few friends.

No thanks.

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Is Kill La Kill the greatest thing ever created? Why is this ineffably true?
suspiciousparakeet asked


I haven’t actually seen kill la kill

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What's your daily routine? (If you have one.)
Anonymous asked

It’s a hectic life, I know.

The box is still open, and I’m still here.

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So, yeah-

It’s occurred to me that I’ve received a few new followers, especially over the last few weeks. It’s also occurred to me that I don’t talk about myself very often, or have a lot of personal details on my blog. I certainly want you guys to know who I am, so I’m not just a faceless artist in the vast sea of Tumblr. 

Problem is… I don’t know how to talk about myself. SO- my ask box is open. Ask me questions, and hell- I may even draw the answer.

The box is open, and anon is on. Let’s all get to know Ethan.

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Hooray for backgrounds that aren’t broken!

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Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It’s off to the bank we go!

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My favourite kind of Steam reviews- 

"This game sucks so fucking much it’s literally the worst fucking piece of shit I’ve ever played!!"

~Total Play Time: 1247.5 Hours

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I told you I’d take a sketchbook while I was away.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Some WIP’s I’ve been working on. I thought I should just leave you something now, because I’ll be off camping for the next few weeks. I’ll be bringing a sketchbook, though- expect photos when I get back!